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Up & Over Garage Doors

Purchasing a garage door for your home is an investment, and as such, it can be a good idea to research the different styles available in order to find the one that will best suit the needs of your home, as well as your own individual preferences.

Although each style of garage doors possesses its own charm, up and over garage doors, in particular, serve as the most popular style owned by homeowners in the United Kingdom. Featuring single-panel construction and a sprung lifting mechanism that can function without an electric motor, the simplicity of this style, in particular, serves as one of the primary benefits homeowners identify for those in need of a new or replacement garage door.

However, not all up and over garage doors are made the same. There are actually two distinctive types of up and over doors available for homeowners to purchase: canopy garage doors and retractable.

The differences between these two are discussed below, in addition to the most common benefits, homeowners tend to observe about choosing up and over garage doors to complement their homes.

What is the Difference Between Retractable and Canopy Styles?

Although the mechanism behind the two types of up and over doors function similarly, they each possess distinctive features that offer a different kind of appeal – aesthetically or by means of function – to homeowners.

With retractable garage doors, you will see that the door will retract completely along the ceiling of the garage on horizontal tracks to flip open. Because the mechanical arms are designed to be installed inside of garages, the contraption alone will take up more space than that of a canopy door. The smoothness of these doors’ operation, however, is one benefit homeowners are quick to praise when choosing a retractable style as their garage door of choice. The smoothness of the retractable door operation also tends to reduce the amount of noise that will be heard as the door opens and closes.

On the other hand, canopy garage doors take up less space due to the fact that the door does not completely retract back inside. Rather, the design of these doors allows for about a third of it to protrude outside of the garage. The benefit of this design is that it will open up more space than that which would be allowed by the installation of a retractable door. Unlike the horizontal tracks of the retractable door variety, canopy doors run along vertical tracks to flip open. These lightweight doors also tend to be cheaper than those of the retractable variety. Of course, the primary feature that makes canopy doors distinctive from the retractable is that canopy doors do not fully retract inside of the garage.

The Benefits and Uses of Up and Over

The numerous benefits up and over garage doors afford the average homeowner has done well to maintain the style’s popularity among UK residents, even as they are in competition with rising innovative styles utilizing attractive new technologies.

The main benefits of investing in up and over doors include that they are:
Simple and Easy to Use – These doors are time and again praised for their ease of use. The simple appearance of their single-panel construction drops any facade to prioritise the most basic needs of function and quality.
Available to be made from several different materials – Although up and over styles are most commonly manufactured out of metal, they can also be made using wooden and steel materials.
Robust and Secure – Compared to styles that feature section panel options, up and over garage doors offer a sturdiness that renders the build and operation particularly secure.
Low Cost – These doors are also known for being one of the cheaper options on the market, for those who are simply looking for a quality door that will fit within their budget.
Have Easy Repair and Maintenance – Due to the simplicity of the doors’ construction, repairing or replacing any faulty components of these doors can be done easily without placing unnecessary stress on the homeowner.

Up and over garage doors prioritise functionality and reliability above all else. That is not to say they cannot be aesthetically pleasing as well, as modern varieties by innovative manufacturers are available in a number of attractive designs, but as the standard to which other door styles are held up to, up and over doors serve as a sturdy, secure product homeowners can rely on.

Without needing to rely upon an electric motor to perform its function, the up and over doors are preferable for many who enjoy the more basic, quality functions of traditional garage doors. The process of the mechanism through which these doors run makes owning one of these doors simple. While more complicated styles run the risk of being painstaking to maintain, up and over doors continue to serve homeowners as a reliable option for those that prefer its simplicity and easy-to-use technology.

Furthermore, the affordability of these doors in comparison to those that require more advanced technologies also sustains these doors’ reputation as a classic option for an attractive home.

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