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Sectional Garage Doors

A good garage door is a must have for any home owner. It must keep your car and stored items secure in your garage, and when operating properly it must have you and your car on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible, while being able to add value to your home. One of the best styles of garage doors is the sectional. This type of garage door is made of panels that hinge together and are able to be lifted vertically, bent along a track and stowed away at the top of the garage. Sectional garage doors offer the benefits of a roller and up and over garage door with a few added perks unique to this style of door. So, if you’re looking to replace your garage door, here are some reasons to install a sectional.

Can be Tucked Completely Out of the Way

There are many garage door options available that don’t let you utilise the full height of your garage because they can’t be tucked away completely when you opened. This can could cause issues for a number of reasons. However, this isn’t an issue for a sectional garage door. Because of the track along the ceiling of the garage, the door is able to move completely out of the way of the garage entrance so that large items can be moved into the garage without any complications. There still would need to be excess space at the top of the garage for the track and the garage door when it opens, however, this feature still comes in handy when you need it.


Some garage doors lack the security it needs to give a homeowner peace of mind. It is of the utmost importance that a door is more than just visually appealing and practical. It needs to be able to keep the belongings found in a person’s garage safe. And sectional garage doors can accomplish that. Like a roller garage door, sectional garage doors are one of the most secure on the market. These doors can be closed completely and aren’t easily gotten into. Depending on the design of the sectional door, windows could be included, but the windows are high enough to keep neighbours from viewing into your garage when it’s closed, while still being able to allow the natural sunlight in. Unlike with the roller door, you don’t have to compromise style for security with the sectional garage door. And there is an option for fireproof insulation which could make all the difference in the world when it comes to the security of your garage and home.


Not many garage doors on the market have the ability to be customised like sectional garage doors. Doors like rollers and up and overs can come off a bit plain at times and don’t come in nearly as many design options as sectionals. From being standard, to having windows in the top panel, even coming in a variety of colours and materials. Sectionals can add style to the front of any house. Depending on the design and look of the sectional garage door, your home value could increase.


Up Over Garage DoorsA better option might be a sectional garage door. There are many perks to choosing a sectional garage door to install into your home. These doors and their many features are what’s making them increase in popularity all over. Not only is this door option secure and has the option for a built-in fireproof insulation, but it also offers a versatility in both function and design that revels that of a roller garage door and up and overs. Sectional doors efficiently work in any space they’re put into and are able to not only function extremely well but also provide an added level of style and design that a house may not have been able to achieve otherwise. Which makes this option stand out from the rest. So, if you believe that these benefits are what you need in a garage door, get an upgrade today and contact Prestige Garage Doors, we would be delighted to help you out.