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Roller Garage Doors

When you arrive home, your garage door is the first thing you see when pull into your driveway. You use it every day to allow your car in and out of your home. So, having one that suits your needs is important. There are many different types of garage doors on the market and each one has their own set of benefits and drawbacks that make them a perfect fit for a specific customer. It all depends on the needs of the buyer. That’s why we’ve compiled all the benefits of a roller garage door, so you can see if this type door works best for you:

Roller Garage Doors are Efficient with Space

Many garage doors require a lot of space along the roof of your garage for when it opens, simply because of its design. The extra space taken from the ceiling of your garage can restrict the amount of room you’ll have to stack and store tall items especially if you have a small garage. Yet, with the roller garage door, you won’t have to worry about how much head space the garage door takes up because this door rolls into itself. The only thing that is needed is a small clearance above the door for the rolling to commence and that’s it. The rest of your garage is yours to use up. Plus, unlike other doors that are rigid and have to be opened out and up, keeping you from utilising the space directly in front of the garage door, roller doors only go up. So, you can park your car in front of a roller door without the threat of being hit by the garage door. This option is perfect for homes with short driveways or multiple cars in a single car port.

There is No Need for Tracks

Other garage doors will need tracks on the ceiling in order to work properly. These tracks can take up a lot of head space, and could become an issue if the garage is small. In this case,a homeowner would benefit greatly from a roller door. This is because the roller door option rolls into themselves when opened, and this simple action eliminates the need for tracks at the top of your garage saving you space that you could utilise for something else.

Versatile Installation

Another benefit with this garage door option is how versatile it can be. Roller doors come in a variety of slats and can be finished any way you like. If you have a specific design that you have for your house, you can match your roller door’s finishes to what your home already has installed. Plus, the door material can be steel or aluminium depending on your needs. The steel is more secure, but the aluminium option is quieter, faster, and smoother. Some may complain of the commercial look this garage door sports, yet it’s ability to be finished to match windows and doors already in the home enhances the roller doors design feature. Plus, this door can be operated several ways. Remote, electrical, or even manual, roller doors have a ton of options that make it easy to use and convenient.

Highly Secure

While other garage doors upon opening and closing offer ample opportunities for a security breach in your home, the roller garage door avoids such risks purely based on design. That’s why out of many garage door options, roller garage doors are by far one of the safest. These doors seal at every corner when closed and have the option of being made with steel for added security.All these features result in a door that is not only convenient to use but also secure.


Having a proper garage door is important, not just aesthetically, but also for functionality and usefulness. Because this is an item a homeowner is going to use every day, it not only has to be secure, but it must also be the perfect fit for the home in regards to operation and style. So, before purchasing a garage door you have to look at the configuration of your garage, see what kind space you have and what you would need to enhance the usefulness of your garage door and add value to your home. If you find that you have a small garage that needs to have its space optimised, then there is a garage door that can help you with that.

Every type of garage door has its specialty. For roller garage doors, that specialty includes the convenience of having a door that uses as little space as possible coupled with how secure and versatile it is. It makes for a great addition to any home. Very few garage doors give you the option of going track-less and maximising the space of your garage and driveway which is perfect for the homeowner who struggles with these issues with their current garage door. And you don’t have to worry about the door looking too commercial for your home because it can be finished to match your homes other features. So, if you want to take part in the many benefits of a roller garage door, contact Prestige Garage Doors today.