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Prestige Garage Doors serves to introduce homeowners to the stylish statement their garage doors can make for their homes. While in the past garage doors have not played a significant role in how a house may be perceived, the addition of different styles available on the market have made choosing the most efficient garage door to best suit your home more essential than ever. With the rise of innovative brands that have been working to produce functional, stylish designs for garage doors, carefully choosing your home’s garage doors has become the latest trend in home furnishing and embellishment.
The perfect garage door has the capability to do more than just improve the appearance of your home. With the new types of doors available, your garage door can offer more than just aesthetic – it can enrich the overall functionality of your home and how you choose to utilise your garage space.

There are a number of factors you may wish to keep in mind and further explore as you search for your ideal garage doors. Convenience and ease of use are two major factors that tend to play a large role in the decision-making process for many homeowners, as no one seeks to purchase a door that they can make no use out of due to complicated mechanics. Furthermore, at Prestige Garage Doors, we recognise that factors such as budget, materials, and space requirements can also play a role in what garage doors customers are looking to buy.

Although the sheer variety of garage doors available on the market may initially appear intimidating, with the right company to help you along the way, in no time you can determine which garage doors will best suit the needs of your individual home.

Below are the styles our company has available in our supply, accompanied by general descriptions of their distinctive features.

Types of Garage Door


Electric garage doors – also referred to as automatic – may be comprised of a number of functional styles that offer increased convenience for homeowners that do not wish to face the task of opening their doors manually. Convenience and functionality are the major advantages customers note when they make their decision to purchase these over a manual style.


However, while electric garage doors have become increasingly popular over the years, manual garage doors are still preferable to those who have found them to be convenient to their particular needs. The appearance of manual doors tend to be similar to that of automatic/electric garage doors, so it is typically for functionality or convenience purposes that a homeowner may choose an automatic over a manual set of doors.

Up and Over

The Up and Over garage doors available through our company are some of the most common you may see throughout the UK. The main feature that sets these apart from others includes their single-panel construction, which enhances the ease in which they may be efficiently opened and closed. The two primary types of Up and Over garage doors include canopy and retractable doors.


Roller Shutter doors are available in manual, electrical, and remote styles. Their most distinctive features include their ability to open vertically and their lack of tracks running alongside the length of a garage. These also require the least space compared to other door styles.


Sectional doors, also known as roll-up, are constructed of a number of sectional panels ranging from five to eight and can be operated manually or by a motor. The sections are connected by hinges that ride along a track mechanism on opposite sides of the garage doors, which then run vertically along the wall and horizontally along the garage door.


Wooden doors are the most popular style homeowners turn to for their garages, though other doors made from materials such as steel, aluminium, and fibreglass also have their charm. Swing style doors, for instance, which are noted for their pleasing aesthetic, are traditionally manufactured using wood.

Repairs and Maintenance

In addition to a varied supply of doors, Prestige Garage Doors also offers repairs and maintenance to ensure that your doors continue functioning as they are meant to. Garage doors often require occasional maintenance – particularly those that are automatic – but as long as they are attended to accordingly, their functionality should not present any hindrance to the everyday homeowner.

Brands We Work With

Prestige Garage Doors works with the most efficient, innovative manufacturers on the market to ensure that customers receive garage doors of the highest quality. The two brands our company works the closest with include Alutech and Hormann.

Alutech is a brand known for their impeccable safety standards when it comes to their construction of garage doors, as well as their affordability and reliability. Their provision of sectional, roller, and custom garage doors have been impressing homeowners since the company’s inception in the mid 1990’s.

Hormann is another leading manufacturer of both residential and commercial doors, renowned for their high quality, value, and large selection of innovative styles. Their selection of styles includes a number of sectional designs, roller, and more using a plethora of top-grade materials for safety and functionality purposes.

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